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In today's day and age, social marketing is once of the most cost-effective means to get leads and build a connection with potential customers that you can reach out to again and again. Social media, more directly - content marketing is really replacing the traditional marketing that we grew up with. Social media can be a great place to get exposure, but it also leaves many wondering, "what am I doing wrong?"

1. There's No Reply At All

If you really want to annoy your customers, let them reach out to you with a question or a comment, then ignore them. A recent survey found out that 25% of people were annoyed at a brand or company they reached out to and didn't receive a response. 15% said they unfollowed the brand or company because of it.

Being a small business owner it tough, how do you keep up with running the business and staying on top of every potential customer request and still have time for a life? We have solutions to help you that are not only cost-effective but have fantastic hidden benefits that will help you build a following and keep that following.

We specialize in building content and attracting customers to your brand, whether you are a plumber, promoting a blog, or selling your creative products on Shopify.

2. You Don't Get It

Whether your audience is young, old, or politically leaning right or left, you bound to do something on social media that will offend someone at some point, that's just life. Most big companies try to hide in political correctness, but the reality is boring doesn't sell. You want to show some personality it helps build trust. After all, if a person is going to call you up and pay you for a service or buy your product, they want to make a connection. If they need your product, then what keeps them from going somewhere else and buying from your competitor - trust. The only way to build trust is to put yourself out there and be human.

3. It's Just Not Enough

Whether it's tweeting or posting content to your fan page, it's likely your not putting enough content out there.  Publishing content needs to be done at a reasonable pace, flooding your followers with 4 tweets in 2 hours isn't cutting it. you could lose up to 35% of followers for too many posts. Content needs to be something that you'd want to see on your feeds, it also needs to be done at a pace that can be consumed without spamming someone.

We Can Help

Social marketing is a tough business when you don't know the in's and out's. Not having the right tools can make that job even harder, that's where we step in. We can literally be your social media toolbox. Whether it's curating content, promotions, social ads, or building an audience we have the tools and experience to help your business grow and expand without breaking your budget.

Ready to find out more?

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